2 tap Beer Chiller and Dispenser- Talos

2 tap Beer Chiller and Dispenser- Talos

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  • Talos brand - best beer dispensing equipment available

Amazing on-demand beverage chiller dispensers chill beer, cold brew, kombucha, water, wine or any other beverage instantly as they are being served.

Much smaller than a kegerator and more portable than a jockey box, the chillers can be connected to kegs for serving brewpubs, catering, picnics or parties.

A few of the many benefits include:

  • Precise—unlike with a common cold room where all drinks are kept and poured at the same temperature, these chillers allow you to pour multiple beverages, each at the correct temperature
  • Powerful—they have a continuous cooling performance of  25-80l/hr (7-18gal/hr)
  • Effective—a directly cooled tap means beer stays chilled right to the glass
  • Fast—since the beer is chilled inline as it passes through the chiller you don't need hours of chilling ahead of time, it is ready to serve chilled beverages within 2-4 minutes of being switched on 
  • Rugged—being designed for professional cooling it will give years of dependable service